On The Go Hotel and Home Workouts

Don’t have time to make it into the gym or on the road for a business trip or family get away? We’ve got you covered! Below you will find a few sample workouts that can be done in most hotel gyms or at home with little to no equipment required!

Hotel Workouts:

4 Rounds:

.25 mile run on treadmill

18 alternating dumbbell snatch

12 alternating lunges

10:00 AMRAP

15 dumbbell squats

10 burpees over dumbbells OR bench

5 v-ups OR sit ups

2 Rounds:

0.5 mile run on treadmill

25 burpees

0:45 air squat hold

5:00 AMRAP:

21 air squats

15 burpees

9 v-ups OR sit ups

Rest 2:00 & repeat.

5 Rounds:

10 alternating dumbbell hang clean and jerk

15 weighted sit ups (dumbbells, med balls, etc)

20 dumbbell thrusters

At Home Workouts:

3 Rounds:

30 “chair” step overs

20 sit ups

10 push ups

For Time:

100 burpees

5 Rounds:

30 mountain climbers

20 air squats

10 v-ups

For Time:

5:00 run

100 air squats

50 push ups

20:00 EMOM:

Min 1 - 20 jumping split squats

Min 2 - 10 hollow rocks

Min 3 - 10 push ups

Min 4 - 10 arch rocks

Any of these workouts can be modified to fit any skill or fitness level. If you have any concerns or questions about movements or modifications. Please feel free to ask any staff member and we would love to help!

As Always…

Work Hard. Lift Heavy. Stay Humble.