The Words "Functional Training"

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In the last few years the use of the word functional training has grown more and more popular… aka its been the BuzzWord… however, defining and understanding the meaning of functional training seems to fall short….

Here are 3 random 926 members definition of Functional Training:

Member 1: “Training that allows you to access and evolve fundamental skills towards a particular function.”

Member 2: Functional Training.. “Is it like… training that is functional.” 

Member 3: “Functional Training is something that gives you a good outcome or the results you are seeking.”

So…. here is what functional training actually means… 

Simply Defining Functional Training:

  •  Movements you use that will apply to everyday life

  • Trains your body as a whole- all muscles working together

  • Emphasizes core stability and strength

Why Functional Fitness:

  • Functional fitness utilizes movements that are used in everyday life, therefore there is a high transfer from the gym to everyday life. Therefore, improving the quality of life. 

  • Training the body as a whole (instead of isolation training), teaches the body to move as a unit, which will improve balance and coordination. 

  • Improving core stability and strength is important because proximal stiffness leads to distal mobility.. Which is a fancy way of saying in order to have proper function of the “distal” mobility (arms and legs) one must have a strong and stable core because all energy is transferred through the core. 

  • Functional fitness improves mobility.

  • Functional fitness reduces risk of injury.

Functional Fitness and 926:

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At 926 you are constantly utilizing functional fitness.  Crossfit and Spark are made up of multi-joint movements. Whether using barbells, dumbbells or just body weight at 926 we are training you for everyday life! You are constantly squatting, hinging, pushing and pulling. These are all movements that train your body to work as a unit. This translates over to natural movements you use everyday, for example, standing up from a chair, reaching up to grab an item off of a top shelf or bending down to pick up a heavy box. Working out is beneficial in many ways...but now you know what functional training is and why it is so important for an  healthy, active life! 


Written By:

Brandi Arey

Head Spark Coach