Darrick Smith
Darrick Smith

Deadlift 415

Sub-three-minute Grace time

Proficient gymnastic skills (BMUs, Double Unders, and all Pull-ups)


CrossFit Level 1 Certification


Darrick Smith

I grew up on a little farm in Godwin, NC. My family owned pigs and a few cash crops. I grew up riding dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and go-karts. My family and I loved to shoot paintball guns at each other in the fields. I've always been a little competitive and enjoyed playing any sport even if I was terrible at it (which was most sports except basketball). I've always loved a great challenge. The thrill of conquering something that was physically or mentally hard was enjoyable for me. I think I was born to conquer, and CrossFit presents many things to conquer. My desire to achieve and conquer has morphed into a desire to help others do the same. Coaching CrossFit gives me the space to enjoy people, encourage them, and help them win!
I remember when I first joined a CrossFit gym in 2016. I felt intimidated by the gifted and jacked athletes. Skinny me with no endurance nor strength. I remember when I got my first bar muscle up unintentionally in the CrossFit Open. I remember when I was afraid to go upside down to do a handstand pushup. I remember when I desperately wanted to learn butterfly pull-ups. I remember when all the things I wanted to do, I could not do because I was mentally defeated. Gripped with fear, burdened by the phrase, "What if I can't?" And then I heard a coach tell me, "Darrick, your mind is your biggest enemy; it's all in your head." That was exactly what I needed to hear. It was that comment that helped me flip upside down on the wall and do handstand pushups. It was that comment that drove me to push my endurance and test the limits. CrossFit is a mental game; you can WIN.

I love people. There are no strangers in my world. I love to motivate and inspire others to grow. Whether that be personal growth, physical goals, or mental goals. I see what others cannot see in themselves and I pull it out of them. I believe everyone can succeed, they just need the right coaching and tools to him they do so. Coaching for me isn't a job; it's who I am. Helping others achieve and succeed one step at a time.