Tommy Griffith
Tommy Griffith

Max High Fives In One Class - 36
Max “LETS GOOOO” Yells In One Class - 23
Max “LIGHTWEIGHT BABY” Yells In One Class - Probably about 15


Crossfit L-1 NASM Sports Nutrition


Tommy Griffith

My CrossFit journey kind of came out of nowhere. When I was 16, playing lacrosse and living in Orlando, FL, I was diagnosed with Junctional Arrhythmia and PJRT. As a 16 year old this threw me off greatly. I scheduled my procedure for 3 months after we found the issue, and got it done with no issues. I was told after my procedure that I should pick up a solid cardio regimen outside of any other fitness activities I take part in, just to keep my heart in check. For a while, I did my own thing and focused on running. After about 2 years post-procedure, I finally decided to hop into a CrossFit workout with my family and I fell in love instantly with the support of the community, and the overall feeling of being in a gym with the people I love.
Eventually, I found my way back to Charlotte, and I reached out to Jake (our owner) and expressed my interest in learning how to coach, he replied with an offer to work. I met with Jake and Zach, and they welcomed me into the 926 family with open arms. Now I get to experience that same feeling of being in the gym with family every day with y’all.

Both of my grandfathers had open heart surgery in their lifetime. When I was diagnosed with my heart issues as young as I was, and told my higher risk of stroke, I made a pact to be an advocate for heart health any chance I can get. My goal as a coach, and my whole purpose for becoming one, is to help keep people off of the operating table. We are so blessed to be able to run, jump, and lift heavy weights. I want you to be kicking butt into your 80s and 90s.