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April 2, 2020

April Athlete Of The Month

“Why I first tried 926 and what has kept me at 926 are worth sharing. Let's first start with the fact that I'm very fortunate to be married to Jennifer Martin! One of Jen's unique talents is that she is an incredible researcher and was on the hunt for an athletic challenge/coaching platform/programming at the end of 2018... coincidentally about the same time as when 926 was opening. After Jen did her homework and gave 926 a shot, she of course brought her excitement home with her and for a solid week talked about her experience with the coaches, programming, facilities, day care offering and the challenge of the workouts... total package and exactly what she was looking for in her life. SOLD! After hearing all of this, I knew this just had to be something I needed to experience for myself and join in the conversation and support her. What has kept me at 926 is ALL of those aforementioned aspects, but also the 3 C's that I'd challenge anyone to build inside any business: Community, Culture, and the Competitiveness within the group. Shout out to the 5 a.m. class as we have an incredible group of individuals who support and challenge one another regardless if you're the top of the leader board Rx+ or struggling to finish at scaled. Kudos to the coaches as well as the members for fostering such and amazingly balanced atmosphere.”

1. Where are you from?

Born and raised in a little farm town in South Eastern, Ohio (Vincent), but now live in Huntersville with my bride Jennifer and our 2 kids, Graham and Brooke

2. What do you do for a living?

I'm fortunate enough to lead an incredible team that is the back-office support for independent financial advisors from across the country. We help by supporting marketing of insurance and retirement solutions, marketing and branding of the advisors as well as business consulting services. 

3. Favorite hobbies?

I love watching College Football. Being from where I grew up in Ohio, if you didn't support THE Ohio State Buckeyes there was something wrong with you.

4. Athletic Background?

I played competitive soccer as a kid up to and through high school. After college dipped my toe into distance running. I finished my first and only marathon in 2014 and said never again to road racing. Afterward decided to go off-road with obstacle racing, trail and mud runs. I found F3 and was one of the O.G.'s in the north country from its inception.

5. Favorite movement?

Kipping Pull-Ups. My first 926 WOD included them and I was so amazed to see the experienced members rep out dozens with ease as I struggled with just a handful of ring rows in the same time frame. Although I've only just recently learned some of the kipping mechanics, a work in progress, I look forward to the challenge whenever part of the workouts.

6. Favorite thing about CrossFit 926?

The three C's I'd mentioned earlier. I'm all-in and love the opportunity to invite prospective new members and introducing them to the 926 family that we collectively are building.

7. What advice would you give to a newcomer?

Come in with an open mind and be prepared to learn. Remind yourself why you're doing this and have a reason that's bigger than the leader board (My 'why' is to be present and fit for my family for a very long life). Listen closely to the coaches and apply what they tell you to do as the know exactly what they're talking about. Sign up for the nutrition challenge at your first opportunity. Get to know the members and coaches in your classes, there are some amazing people at 926. Be 100% engaged because you'll get out of it what you put into it. Don't be intimidated, everyone started somewhere, and YOU belong here. Don't view failures as a set-back rather a set-up, learn from your experiences and grow from them. Be thankful for what you can currently do at your current level and find the thing that fuels you toward improvement. Be prepared to be mentally challenged as much if not more than physically challenged. Get your family and loved ones involved as much as possible as it helps to have those closest to you in support of your goals.

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