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March 15, 2021

March 2021 Athlete Of The Month

Meet Leslie Willis

Leslie was referred to us by the one and only Michelle Norris (aka Jake's Wife) and man, 926 has not been the same since! Leslie is a regular in our 6AM Spark class and let me tell you, she keeps that class in CHECK! There hasn't been a single day that she hasn't given her all, encouraged others, and greeted everyone with a smile. Leslie is one cool chick so be sure to give her a congrats next time you see her!

Where are you from?
Arlington, TX – Home of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers

What do you do for a living?
Director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Davidson

What are your favorite hobbies?
Traveling and scuba diving (both of which I have not done in a year and am looking forward to doing soon).

What is your athletic background?
I grew up dabbling in many sports and then narrowed it down to soccer and volleyball until my sophomore year of high school when I focused on volleyball. I continued to play volleyball through college and then transitioned to collegiate coaching before changing professions after marrying a rival collegiate volleyball coach, who I was 0-4 against. I continue to stay active in sports through my children and the Common Hour professor/staff/student volleyball play at Davidson College.

Why did you choose 926?
Michelle Norris, need I say more….she is the best!

What is your favorite movement?

What is your favorite thing about 926?
The feeling of family within the 926 community. It is amazing to have so much accountability and encouragement. Keeps me coming back!

What advice would you give a newbie to 926?
Get comfortable with discomfort. Fight through the pain because the feeling of accomplishment when the workout is over……is amazing!

Be sure to give Leslie a high five when you see her next! It will probably be around 6AM so be sure to include a smile.... and maybe some coffee

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