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February 1, 2019

February 2019 Athlete's Of The Month (Couple's Edition)

Meet the Michael and Heather Scott.
Aka “The Sweatty Scott’s”

The Sweatty Scott's came to our family through a mutual friend, our digital marketing expert, Tammy Rojas, met these two at a pool party and suggested that they try out a new gym opening up by the name of CrossFit 926. They listened to her advice and joined in on a Saturday Workout. Little did they know, they were joining a family that day. The Scott's have been with ever since and have been a joy to be around! 

As part of being Athlete of the Month, we asked the Scott's a few questions, their answers (displayed as M and H) are below:

1. Where are you guy's from? 
M: I was born in California but consider the Washington DC area home. Went back to California for college before landing in North Carolina in 2006.
H: Northeast PA, a little town called Bloomsburg, PA  

2. What do you do for a living?
M: I am in residential real estate. I love helping people sell thier current home stress free or help them find the next place to call home! Also, I flip houses on the side and take great pride in giving run down homes a second chance! 
H: Channel Marketing for an Abrasives Manufacturer (focus on Industrial, Welding and Construction channels) 

3. Favorite hobbies?
M: Favorite hobbies include crossfit, hiking, camping, riding my motorcycle and playing racquetball.
H: CrossFit; Hiking; RV Life; Craft Beer Tasting #professionalstatusachieved 

4. Athletic background?
M: Basketball was my life. I played collegiately at Cal State Northridge just north of Los Angeles California.
H: A little bit of everything, mostly cardio. Gymnastics what seems like a lifetime ago; soccer from the time I was 5 through High School; basketball for a few of my awkward middle school years (mostly on the bench); track and cross country starting in high school - that was my JAM; cheerleading for a whole 5 minutes because why not right?; dabbled in a couple NATURAL bodybuilding events for a year or so which made me fall in love with lifting weights; CrossFit since Summer of 2016 with a pretty significant year-long break since then due to a few life changes - BUT back at it as of Oct. 2018 thanks to CF926!  

5. Why you chose CrossFit 926?
M: Interesting story here but we were at a pool party over the summer and Tammy Rojas said to my wife and I that it looked like we worked out and that we should check out this new Crossfit facility. Needless to say we couldnt be happier that we did. We really feel apart of the most amaizing community. The coaches and other members are really starting to feel like family. Checking out 926 is the best decision that we made!
H: I got bullied at a pool party by a mutual friend/business contact of the owner (Tammy Rojas) :) Then - fell in love with the gorgeous facility, truly enjoyed the challenging programming, appreciated the constant coaching and encouragement from both Jake and Stephanie, met so many AMAZING and awesome humans in the other members at the gym! 

6. Favorite movement? 
M: Currently its probably the back squat because its one of my better movements. However, I love a good challenge so the snatch would be a close second. I look forward to improving my technique with it in the future.
H: The last rep of any WOD right before the clock runs out. Does that count? I've always loved deadlifts and power cleans!   

7. Favorite thing about CrossFit 926?
M: I love everything that 926 stands for. The awesome coaches, members and community involvment.  #workhard #liftheavy #stayhumble are awesome hashtags to live by! 
H: The PEOPLE - from the owners to the coaches to the members. It's been an extremely welcome "refresh" that we've needed to make to our "circle" and we couldn't be any happier. Truly a family vibe that we are proud to be part of.

8. What advice would you give to a new comer?
M&H: Simply stated, come as you are. Crossfit 926 is the most welcoming place. You are guaranteed 3 things here. 1) You will definitely get in better shape. 2) You will always be encouraged. 3) Coaches and members alike care about whats going on with your life outside of the gym. 926 is really growing something amazing!

9. How does it feel to be able to workout along side your significant other?
M: It is truly the best feeling. My better half sacrificed her workout routine for me when I ruptured my achilles so to be back in the gym with her is a great feeling. It's such an amazing feeling when you (insert barf emoji here) meet your match and you truly enjoy doing life together. Having someone to motivate and encourage me both in the gym and outside of the gym is an essential part of our marriage and I'm thankful to have my health and be able to do the things that we do. 

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