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February 1, 2019

February AKA Heart Health Month

February is Heart Health Month!!

Coaching has many rewards. Helping members achieve things they never thought they would, like getting their first pull-up, lifting weight they have never lifted before, or running a 5k without stopping. The list could go on forever, but one of my most absolute favorite things to hear is when a member goes to the doctor and their overall health has improved since joining CrossFit926. It is the best feeling to hear when someone gets off medication, because they no longer need it!

February is Heart Health Month! Heart disease is the leading cause for death in both men and women.  The crazy part, it’s also one of the most preventable diseases. Heart disease is the umbrella for all heart related diseases, but the one that is most commonly thought of is coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease is when plaque builds up in an artery that eventually can block blood flow to the heart causing a heart attack. As discussed above, this can also be prevented. How? Exercise AND nutrition! Working out at least five times a week and eating a healthy diet can help prevent this killer.

This is why we incorporate nutrition as one of our offerings at CrossFit 926, and do not focus solely on exercise alone. Many people start working out because they want to change their body composition. The first thought is just work out and eat less. While this could possibly help you lose weight, it will not help you live a healthy lifestyle. What you put in your body matters. I have many people come up to me and say, “well I had 2 corn dogs, but was still able to stay in my calorie range! That’s good right?” Well… yes your calories were okay, but the fuel was not. Think of it like this. Everyone is a BMW. If you fill up your tank with regular fuel, your car is not going to run the same way if you filled up with premium. That’s why we need to constantly be looking at the quality of food to stay healthy. Use premium!

Here is a list of some heart healthy foods to try and incorporate in your everyday diet:

Fish: Wild caught that are high in omega-3’s. 

Nuts: Raw almonds and walnuts.

Fresh Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Oats: Steel cut oats, and rolled oats.

Vegetables: Sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and carrots are all great options.

Dark Beans: Black beans and kidney beans.

To bring awareness to Heart Health Month, we are going to have a partner workout on February 14th. Bring your best friend and WEAR RED!!

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