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October 2, 2019

Mental Toughness

The dictionary says MENTAL TOUGHNESS is a measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success in sport, education and the workplace.

Being mentally strong will be beneficial in every aspect of life. There are a lot of misconceptions with being “mentally tough.” You must push through regardless of the pain, always go heavier, always go harder, and NEVER quit. However, those are not the only answers. Being mentally tough is being humble enough to know where you are physically, mentally and spiritually; and allowing that to be your guide. There are always times to push the envelope to grow and become stronger, better, or smarter BUT that’s not always the answer.

For me, mental toughness is simple. You’re always given two choices in life: give up or lean in and get through it. Sometimes getting through your scenario may mean that you need to ask for help or “scale” your workout BUT don’t walk away in defeat. Rise up and fight to learn and grow.

My mom ingrained in my brother and I from an early age that your word means everything. So if you start something…you must finish it, no question. I take this approach to everything I do. A lot of us have children BUT all of us have someone that looks up to us and we DO NOT want them to see us quit. Keep in mind when the going gets tough that you have little eyes on you and you’re shaping how they will respond to life and the curve balls it throws our way. Every opportunity you’re given is an opportunity to grow and become stronger if you allow it to help shape you.

Crossfit is a GREAT avenue to grow your mental fortitude. We willingly come in and do things we’re not great at, get beat in a workout by our buddies, go home sore from the day’s work, BUT we show back up the next day for more because we want to improve our fitness. We all have mental walls we run into in every workout. These are THE opportunities to grow. Remember…you have two choices…choose the right one. When you reach this point, remember, stop looking for a way out and a reason you CAN’T do something. Instead, be confident, know you can, remember where you’ve come from and CHOOSE to get better.

Life is hard, so make sure to take every opportunity you have to “get your mind right,” focus on your goals, choose the right choice, and keep moving forward.

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