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December 9, 2019

The Do's And Don’ts Of CrossFit 926

Whether You Are A 926 Pro, A Few Months In… Or A New-Bee, We Thought You Could Benefit From The Simple Do’s And Don’ts Of Crossfit 926…

So Here Is A List Of 12 926 Do’s And 12 926 Don’ts…. Enjoy!

Do show up with a bright and shiny attitude ready to work hard 

Don’t drop and empty barbell or a Dumbbell (especially with Jake around)→ If you are using it you are strong enough to set it down gently... 

Do support/ Greet all 926 Members 

Don’t set your pace off of Zach Brock

Do lie on the floor sprawled out after every workout no matter how hard it was or how well you did... 

Don’t break the chalk into tiny pieces in the chalk bucket

Do be on time/ early

Don’t talk during the workout briefing (esp. if Jake is coaching)

Do bring your new puppies to the gym 

Don’t bring your dog if it poops on the turf

work on your weaknesses instead of avoiding them

Don’t sacrifice form for weight 

Do sign up/ RSVP for class 

Don’t cheat Reps/Lie about your score

Do always use your Thumbs to Measure Deadlifts 

Don’t re-do Open Workouts

Do make sure to leave cute chalk handprints on the floor (so Jake always has something to clean up) 

Don’t ego RX or RX+...

Do bring your friends and family to 926…

Don’t be selfish and save the gains for yourself

Do clean up after yourself- weight, dumbbells, bands etc…

Don’t run on the inside of Stephanie’s arrows

Do remember WHY you come to 926- to WORKOUT,  to get in shape and to be healthy! At the end of the day its YOU VS. YOU

Don’t forget what your goals are OR obsess over the leaderboard… because at the end of the day… It’s YOU vs. YOU

We Appreciate All Of You Guys And Are Blessed To Have Each And Every One Of You Be Apart Of The 926 Fam. We Hoped These Helped Or At Least Gave You A Little Laugh…. 

-926 Fam

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